Your Personal Tone Generator

A guide to getting a sound and troubleshooting

A good sound starts from the fingers, through the pick-up to the guitar and out. If you don’t start there, you’re spinning in circles and end up with a transparent (fuzzy) sound without body and response. “Your fingers are your tone generators”. Not the amps or pedals. Those are tools to augment your expression. That’s what guitar lessons teach you, not teaching you a song without teaching you, and guiding you in technique.

And, if you learn a thing or two about troubleshooting “on the fly”, you’ll go down the line to find the problem with your rig. The same goes for finding your sound. When establishing your sound you start with your technique, through the pick-up on down to the amp. With troubleshooting on stage, you should start with the amp and go down the line back to you, which makes sense. Since you’ve established your rig set-up. As you’re trying to fix what was working, you backtrack.

This saves time and controls moods, besides the overall situation’s under control. Then, if and when you need to use a stage tech, you’ll have a template in which to explain what it is you require from the person “you” hire. There’s nothing more frustrating than hiring someone, that has no idea what it is you need or want. Imagine working for someone without a clue. A bandleader who expects you to read his mind? Communication starts with a plan.
Good luck and sound good, where ever your muse takes you, find a clue.
Stay in touch for a more in-depth study of the elusive art of tone. Whose tone is good? Someday maybe I’ll be able to dial in someone else’s tone and tell you for sure what the deal is!!! RIGHT……. It’s all subjective!