Title: Stand Up for Love: Destiny's Help

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This article reviews the single of Destiny’s Child entitled “Stand Up For Love.” The song which was used in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s adverse effect to the country of America. This also tackles the possibility of music as anxiety relief.
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“And how can I pretend that I don’t know what’s going on… when every minute, every minute another soul is gone.” Sounds familiar?
This is an excerpt from the lyrics of a Destiny’s Child’s song entitled “Stand up for Love.” The song was released under Columbia records last 2005. This inspiring and empowering pop music got hyped up due to its message that was used in the wake of one of America’s worst calamity, Hurricane Katrina. Stand Up For Love, written by David Foster, became popular with its positive and engaging message that managed to instill a sense of cooperation and patriotism among the American people. It has somehow relieved the Americans from the stress and anxiety that was brought by the calamity.
Anxiety, which is described as an overwhelming fear, apprehension, and worry — has struck many Americans. Those who felt agitation did not only include residents from New Orleans who were hardest hit by Katrina. Even those miles away from the calamity zone felt great unease about the apparent lack of preparation of local and federal agencies to manage such a large-scale disaster.
One can just imagine the tremendous undertaking every person has go into just to avert the adverse effects of this typhoon. Hurricane Katrina, which was considered as one of the deadliest tempests to hit America, destroyed 81 billion dollars worth of property and claimed 1,836 lives. Hurricane Katrina caused panic or anxiety attacks as people tried to flee the calamity area. The lack of safe shelter made their worries grow stronger. People were emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually shattered by the storm.
At the lowest point of their lives, the victims of Hurricane Katrina found a new sense of hope through the song Stand Up For Love. With the positive and mind-awakening lyrics, the song, not only rose to the top of the pop charts but also catapulted the morale of New Orleans. Instead of wallowing in their grief, the people of New Orleans reinforced their hopes by standing up and moving to rebuild their town. Some would even dare say that the very sound of Destiny’s Child’s phenomenal song somewhat acted as anxiety relief to those who lost almost everything to Hurricane Katrina. Unlike any costly and short-range effects of the usual anxiety relief medication, the song was able to powerfully yet subtly influence people all across America to take part in the massive relief efforts.
Aside from the picturesque beauty of the female trio, the Stand Up For Love video shows clips of Hurricane Katrina’s destructive effects on people from different walks of life. Compelling as it was presented, the music video, didn’t only showcase the beauty of the song but the reality and benefits of helping one another in times of national emergency. Indeed, the music played an important role in alleviating the pain and restoring the positive mindset of the people – which is anxiety relief on a massive scale. The song was actually used again to celebrate the 2005 World’ Children’s Day.
Therefore, though the song did not actually reign supreme in the music charts, it has undeniably made a positive impact in New Orleans and in other parts of America. The soothing melody and musicality of the song to be highly commended. The lyrics were also magnificently crafted, “making waves” that touched the heart of the American people.