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Lyrics and where can we find them or how to look for the ones we like.
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Everyday we hear songs … new songs, old songs … we love some, we hate some … and from those we love we don’t want to miss a single word … but understanding song lyrics is not always easy. The goal of lyrics sites is to help you discover the songs you love.
As I was browsing the internet for casual song lyrics I ran into a lot of sites like lyrics.com, azlyrics.com, lyricsmania.com … and others … but what got my attention was this little site called lyricshunt.com. At first it looked like an ordinary lyrics site but when I clicked a couple of times I realized it had some tricks up his sleeve. Starting from an aritist/album/song search, continuing with a mixedsearch (e.g. http://www.lyricshunt.com/mixedsearch/50 cent/) and ending with the songs that were very accurate (at least the lyrics I was looking for).
The idea of “hunting for lyrics” and people working together to make the “song lyrics world a better place” is a good idea.