Title: Ibanez Guitars At The 2006 NAMM Show

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The 104th NAMM Show is going to take place at Anaheim, California on January 19-22, 2006. Music products companies of all sizes are going to show the best that the music products industry has to offer. All Ibanez guitar fans will have the chance to see the widest possible 2006 Ibanez guitars line.
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There have been a number of new Ibanez guitar models at various NAMM shows and so there will be at winter 2006 NAMM. Ibanez unveiled a new Steve Vai JEM Signature model at the January 2005 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. It was named “Bad Horsie” after a Steve Vai song of the same name. This guitar features a “Rock Mirror” finish with matching mirror pick guard.

The new model also features the signature JEM appointments of a “Monkey Grip” handle carved into the basswood body and a scooped tremolo cavity so pitches can be raised as well as lowered with the tremolo arm.

“Bad Horsie” has joined a long line of variations Steve Vai’s JEM signature models, which were first introduced at the Chicago NAMM show in June 1987.

At the January 2005 show, Ibanez unveiled the new Exotic Wood acoustic guitar line featuring three different, visually striking and surprisingly inexpensive models in highly figured ash, curly maple and zebrawood. The introduction was so well received that Ibanez announced the first acoustic-electric version at the Indianapolis Summer NAMM show.

“Even more radical is what can’t be seen: a unique wooden top-support system under the bridge Ibanez calls “Sound Expand” construction allows us to use thinner bracing, which allows the top to vibrate more freely. It also provides a more even balance between highs, lows, and mids.” – commented Irene Shvartsman of Ibanez Acoustic Guitars.

“We found that the guitar sounds dramatically louder, and bigger in tone than the same guitar without Sound Expand construction.”

The amazing Ibanez guitar player Joe Satriani and Planet Waves Company will officially launch a line of new straps and picks at the 2006 Anaheim NAMM show at a private concert event during the show. The great news is, the concert will be webcast for Joe’s fans at Satriani.com in early February! Stay tuned to the site for more details.

Joe Satriani will also appear at the Planet Waves/D’Addario booth #4834 in Hall C of the Anaheim NAMM show on Saturday, January 21 at 1:30 PM.