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Ever wondered how to get more plays on MySpace? The fact is fans and friends judge your music based not only on your skills and talent but also on the amount of profile views and song plays a band has. An important factor for a band or artists is ….
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Ever wondered how to get more plays on MySpace? The fact is fans and friends judge your music based not only on your skills and talent but also on the amount of profile views and song plays a band has. An important factor for a band or artists is the amount of song plays because of MySpace chart ranking.
Song Plays
Increasing MySpace song plays will make your music seem more popular and could increase your mp3 sales or get you a record deal.
The leading benefits of more plays include; increasing your profiles awareness through artist rankings, better MySpace chart positions, fans actually listen to the songs based on plays, and the obvious of potential deals and gigs. Fans will take notice and visit your band profile out of curiosity. This in turn will generate more friend requests. This will also expose you to radio, managers, record labels, industry executives, band promoters, and other musicians. The rumored number of plays an artist needs to increase their profile views and song plays to be 25’000 for major label consideration.
MySpace Charts
Record companies are constantly on MySpace charts looking for artists that are not only talented but also show evidence of popularity within the page. Myspace takes a song plays daily average play count to determine an artist’s position in their genre.
How do you climb up the MySpace charts?
Gradual increases are best, not exceeding anywhere from 5000 to 20,000 plays a day. If you take it slow and gradual, this will help you get better positioning on the Myspace Charts. The results will also last longer. You don’t want the difference between your profile views and song plays to be so large because you may not be eligible to climb the charts as high as gradual increases. To make it into the Top 10 depends on your genre, most artists receive at least 5-20,000 plays per day to stay up in the charts and really get noticed. This is where fans searching for artists in your genre, will actually discover you. The catch is in order to be in the “Top Artists”, you need more song plays. Unsigned or independent artists don’t have huge marketing budgets like the signed artists have. Some artists have started using software or hit services to boost the profile hit and play counts on their profiles. While the services charge more, a lower cost solution is increaser software such as Mp3 Song Plays Increaser.
MySpace Video
Until now, MySpace hasn’t really focused on engaging users to use their video service. In the last week “Tom” has even posted bulletins about some of his favorite videos. MySpace allows its users to embed video the MySpace videos to third party websites. You can get your MySpace page happening… all these things add up, hopefully, to a successful record. Some have even added a video or showcase to the requirement, because singers also have to be performers. You can also use software to boost the video plays to get a better positioning for your profile.
MySpace Friends
Are you tired of requesting friends or asking people to listen to your music on your MySpace profile? People tend to get curious when they see a high song play count and see song plays increasing. They will click and listen to your music and then convert to friends and fans. It is a must to get your song plays up in relation to your friend count. Users are always looking for that new song!
Increaser Software
It is important to have the right strategies and the correct tools in place. Ever seen those programs or services that claim to increase your profile views and/or plays? There is a piece of little known software that has been used privately among many MySpace artists. I purchase every kind of Myspace software there is to date. I have found the best software to achieve higher song plays and video views to be the Mp3 Song Play increaser found at http://www.mp3songplays.com. It will increase your MySpace profile stats including, song plays, profile views, and video views. The cost is a fraction of the price in comparison to the multi million dollar marketing campaigns the major labels use. In addition, if you’re not a band, it will also help with profile view count.
By using this strategy, you will get more MySpace plays. The best promotional times are when you released new music, attempting to impress people you are promoting to, have a lot of friends and few song plays, have a new video released, when you are at the bottom of the charts, or when you are tired of spending all day and night promoting yourself on MySpace.